Monterey Educational Risk Management Authority (MERMA) - Claims Administration is committed to helping fulfill the MERMA mission:

"to protect the human resources and financial assets of our member districts
in order to support the future of public education."

MERMA Claims Administration provides cost effective claims management services to all members. There is an on-going emphasis on timely communication, follow-up and case management expertise. Claims administration is provided by Intercare Third Party Administrators. Click here.

Dedicated Claims Management Team:

Click here to see the MERMA Claims Organizational
Chart and Contact Information
Click here to see the MERMA Company Nurse Contact Flow Chart

MERMA Claims Administration In-Service Training Services:

In-service training by MERMA Claims Administration is offered to provide member district staff with information to handle claims filing for injured workers and procedures for managing the claim after medical treatment is provided. Contact your Claims Examiner to discuss your specific needs.

MERMA Claims Review Meetings:

MERMA Claims Administration conducts periodic meetings with designated member district staff. This is part of the claims management portfolio for each member and is coordinated by the designated Claims Examiner.

MERMA Online Claims Access:

Click here Intercare Claims Access.


Member districts are encouraged to contact MERMA Claims Management regarding any of the information listed here or for assistance with any claims administration matter.


Loss Control: