These training topics are designed to allow supervisors or knowledgeable staff to conduct them in varying levels of time and detail and can be edited to meet specific agency requirements.

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A. Training Topics: Includes a facilitator outline, handout and quiz.

Ladder Safety (The ups and downs of ladder safety.)
Chainsaw Safety (The basics of safely using a chainsaw.)
Heat Illness Prevention (Helps meet Cal-OSHA training requirements.)
Earthquake Safety (Duck, Cover and Hold)
Housekeeping (Focuses on the benefits of good housekeeping.)
Electrical Safety (Basic terminology and avoiding shock hazards.)
Back Safety (The Do’s and Don’ts of preventing a back injury.)
Slips Falls (The basics of preventing slips and falls at work.)
Office Safety (An overview of common hazards in the office.)
Safe Driving (Safe driving tips and preventing collisions.)
Kitchen Safety (A detailed look at personal awareness in the kitchen.)
Fire Safety (An emphasis on fire prevention.)
Bloodborne Pathogens (Overview of an Exposure Control Plan.)
Classroom Safety (Preventing accidents in the classroom.)
Ergonomics 101 (Discussion of basic ergonomic principles.)

B. Training Topics: Designed for a 5 minute meeting handout or newsletter article.

5 Minutes: Ladder Safety
5 Minutes: Conquer Clutter
5 Minutes: Electrical Safety
5 Minutes: Is Safety Important?
5 Minutes: Safe Lifting
5 Minutes: Workng Alone
5 Minutes: Burn Injury Prevention
5 Minutes: Cell Phone Distraction
5 Minutes: Chain Saws
5 Minutes: Be Prepared for Emergencies – A B C
5 Minutes: Ergonomic Solutions at Low Cost
5 Minutes: Accident or Error?
5 Minutes: Campus Utility Vehicle (Golf Carts) Safety Guidelines
5 Minutes: Housekeeping
5 Minutes: Lawn Care Safety
5 Minutes: Three Common Maintenance Hazards: Mold, Asbestos, Lead
5 Minutes: Brush Up on Paint Safety!
5 Minutes: Safety in the Office – Part One
5 Minutes: Safety in the Office – Part Two
5 Minutes: Power Tool Safety
5 Minutes: Safe Drivers
5 Minutes: Workplace Security
5 Minutes: Prevent Slips and Falls – Don’t Slip Up!
5 Minutes: Universal Precautions: They’re your best protection!
5 Minutes: Wake Up Call

C. Training Topics: Videos

Ergonomic Exercises for Computer Users

D. Loss Control Services – Policy Templates

Guidelines on regulatory compliance for use of compressed air.

Hazardous Energy – Electrical Safety and Lock Out/Tag Out Policy Number ######
Compliance document CCR Title 8, S. 3313

Electrical Safety Procedures
Defines requirements for employees that perform low voltage electrical work.

Exposure Control Plan – Bloodborne Pathogens
Compliance document CCR Title 8, S. 5193

Bloodborne Pathogens – Exposure Control Plan
More detailed compliance document CCR Title 8, S. 5193

Any District IIPP
Complies with requirements of CCR Title 8, S. 3203

Employee Report of Hazardous Condition
Complies with reporting requirement of CCR Title 8, S. 3203

Fire Prevention Plan
Complies with policy requirement of CCR Title 8, S. 3221

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program
Complies with requirements of CCR Title 8, S. 3380

Procedure and Instructions for Reporting to Cal-OSHA of Fatality or Serious Injury
Complies with requirements of CCR Title 8, S. 342

Guidelines – Preventing Slips, Trips, And Falls
Provides guidelines to recognize and correct hazards that may lead to an injury due to a slip, trip or fall

Emergency Action Plan
Complies with policy requirement of CCR Title 8, S. 3220

Ventilation Maintenance Policy and Procedure
Complies with requirements of CCR Title 8, S. 5142

Respiratory Protection Program
Complies with policy requirement of CCR Title 8, S. 5144

Standard Operating Procedure Forklifts and Powered Industrial Trucks
Standard Operating Procedure to comply with requirements of California Code of Regulations Title 8, Sections 3363, 3364, 3368

Incident Investigation Worksheet
Form that can be used to supplement details of an incident report

Incident Report Form
Basic form that may be edited for specific agency use

Driving Safety
Guidelines for School Employees

Prevention of Repetitive Motion Injuries
For compliance with CCR Title 8, S. 5110

Tree Work, Maintenance or Removal and Chain Saw Safety Procedures
CCR Title 8: Article 12 and S. 6283; S. 3427

SOP: Portable Ladder Safety Procedures
CCR Title 8, S. 1675

Heat Illness Prevention Policy
CCR Title 8: Section 3395

Dress Code Policy
Guidelines for a dress code policy.